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Alexa Kitchen has had a remarkable "career" trajectory. From the age of 5 her work was already worthy of publication ("The Early Years: Volume 1" and "The Early Years: Volume 2" ) and by age 6 she was interviewed in Comic Book Artist magazine, featured in Comics Buyer's Guide and her public debut at the MoCCA book fair in New York City was described in Publishers Weekly (7/12/04) as "the talk of the show."

Her first "real" book, the 176-page hardcover Drawing Comics is Easy made its appearance to wide acclaim and she was nominated in 2007 for both a Harvey Award ("Best New Talent") and an Eisner Award ("Best Publication for a Younger Audience,") the youngest nominee in each award's history.

Her work has been praised by professionals such as Will Eisner, Neil Gaiman, Mark Schultz (who wrote an Introduction to her new book) and R. Crumb. In July 2006 The New York Times ran a prominent feature on her in their Sunday Arts section (see that and other articles on the Press Page).

The diminutive cartoonist is largely indifferent to the attention. Other than collecting royalties for her college fund (and occasional stuffed animals) and autographing books for fans, Alexa is otherwise a very normal child who plays with dolls, loves computer games, devours books, plays in the mud, and complains about her homework.

Genes may be a factor in Alexa's talent and early professional development. Her mother Stacey was a child performer in the country music field, having both recorded original tunes and performed on stage since the age of 6, and her father Denis began his career as a cartoonist before morphing into a publisher.

For more on Alexa, you can read her personal biography: About Alexa - A Mother's Insight


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Above: Alexa (age 8) at MOCCA Art Festival June 10 & 11th, 2006, promoting her fourth book, the first hardcover!

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